About us

Henk van den Bor :
With the advent of a new generation of Web designers the Internet changes quickly. The average quality of websites is improving rapidly. However it is still important to keep a website accessible. Both to those who have grown up with the Internet and those who came into contact with the Internet later.

Many sites are too busy, too full of elements. The user is impatient, wants to see at a glance how to proceed, and will not click endlessly before getting to the requested information. Our challenge lies in finding the right plan for the site, and ensure the shortest path to the information.

Has been working at websites for more than 12 years and is still fascinated by the constant evolvement of the Internet and the ways in which we interact with the devices that bring the web to us.
e-mail: henk@webtaurus.nl

Indra Van Regemorter :
Our Belgian asset.  Photography, finance administration and translations to and from the French/English/Dutch language are her specialties.

Indra guards the agenda and ensures that projects proceed according to plan. Her international background helps us realize multilingual projects. Indra is also involved relatively short in making websites, making it easier for her to have a fresh look at the designs.

Her true passion though is photography, take a look at www.indra-photography.com
e-mail: indra@webtaurus.nl

Paul van Heel :
In many of our projects, we work closely with Paul and his company heelHELDER. Paul has over 20 years experience at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. He made his first websites in the time of Mozilla 0.86 beta and 14k4 modems. He has since been seized by the power and impact of  ‘networked communications’, communities and social media. He combines strategic insight with a smooth hand at writing and hands-on experience in the depths of the internet.

Paul greatly enjoys filming and creating events.
e-mail: paul@webtaurus.nl


We work with several designers and coders on a regular basis. We believe in corporation with specialist who extend our potential and the products we can deliver.